Bombastic Boss Has Huge Outburst After Employees Quit His Company

You can tell a lot about a workplace by how upper management speaks about people who have left the company. It’s not too difficult to pick up on a boss struggling to maintain employees because of their poor management style. While it’s normal to have a few wacko former employees, it’s a red flag when every former employee is discussed with derision and disgust. 

I’ve only quit jobs a couple of times, but the reaction from management was very different. When I put my two weeks in while working at a well-staffed establishment, my last couple of weeks were extremely smooth. When I did the same at a workplace struggling to maintain employees, my boss was extremely upset with me. She cried multiple times about my departure while I was at work, which was totally weird and inappropriate. Some bosses have even more manipulative and upsetting outbursts regarding employees quitting, such as the boss of Redditor u/TheDonutCuh.