Boss Demands Employee to ‘Justify’ Sick Time, Redditors Respond With Excellent Advice

In a civilized workplace, an employer trusts the word of their employee (you know, the one whose labor makes the company its profits?) when the employee calls in sick. It’s that simple. In other, more toxic work environments, bosses have the tendency to interrogate their workers whenever they request a crumb of time off. It’s almost as if upper management thinks that they can bully their employees out of being sick. 

When u/LargeThighMeat received an email from their boss requesting their reason for taking sick time, they posted a screenshot of the email exchange to r/antiwork, leaving it up to the subreddit to decide how to reply. My personal favorite suggestion was, “I seem to have come down with a severe case of LIGMA, sir” but OP chose a more appropriate answer.