Boss Screams At Employee And Makes Her Cry, Can’t Understand Why He Gets Fired

Some people refuse to accept that they’re in the wrong. They can get signal after signal from other people that they’re making multiple wrong moves, but they won’t take the hint. The dude in question is one of those people. 

This Canadian man wrote about his woes in a subreddit for seeking legal advice. His writing style is so audacious and grandiose that it’s difficult to make out, so I’ll do some translating. He got fired after being on probation for several months as a director of engineering. The inciting incident for his termination seems to be him yelling at an employee for not attending their last meeting. He claims that no corrective actions have been launched against him, despite being actively on probation. He described the employee he yelled at as “insolent” so much, it begins to feel like a fake word. You’ve got to read it to believe how poorly written it is!