This course is designed to help you learn about how your brain works and how you can keep it healthy. You will learn how to eat for your brain, how to exercise for your brain, and how to engage in challenging cognitive activities that will improve the function and health of your brain. Learn to Make your Brain Healthier through Nutrition, Exercise, and Cognition. Discover the basics of neuroanatomy and how the brain regulates and controls behavior. Learn how carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals affect the brain. Find out how exercise can change the way your brain works. Explore how different cognitive activities, including meditation, can influence your brain across the lifespan. You will learn how to take care of your brain so that it will take care of you later. The course will address some basics of neuroanatomy and discuss activities you can engage in to keep your brain healthy. You will learn how food, exercise, and cognitive activity have the power to change your brain. We’ll discuss the effects of sugar on the brain. We’ll look at how aerobic exercise can help you grow new brain cells. Finally, you’ll get introduced to the types of cognitive activities that are most beneficial for the brain (hint: its not crossword puzzles). Never taken a course on the brain? Intimidated by neuroanatomy? No problem. This course is designed to make complex research on the brain more accessible to you. Through video lectures and readings you will become an expert on the brain in about 1 month. Additionally, you will learn healthy practices to increase the function of your brain now and throughout your lifespan. These skills will make you more efficient and they will help you fight the effects of aging.