Bridezilla Bans Bridesmaid From Wearing Glasses, Gets Hit With Malicious Compliance

I’m not currently a glasses wearer myself, but I come from a family with poor eyesight. It’s made me fully aware of the blessing I have received from skipping the astigmatism gene. Relying on an accessory just so you don’t bump into things is not a situation I would wish on anyone, but some of us clearly don’t understand how privileged we are.

Brides are not known for being the most reasonable of people, and many weddings have ruined friendships thanks to their outlandish demands. It’s not often that these are related to spectacles, but that’s exactly what happened to an acquaintance of u/plogan56. While a bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding, the bride insisted at the last minute that she lose her glasses for the entire day, and started to get aggressive when she refused.

It’s unsurprising that none of the other bridesmaids were impressed with this behavior. So when the bridezilla put her foot down, they did too. Redditors wholeheartedly agreed with their combined act of malicious compliance. Your special day gives you no excuse to be a special pain in the butt.