British Rapper Millie B Teases Musical Comeback After Kim Kardashian Shoutout

Say what you like about Great Britain, it has produced some influential music in its long and storied history. Musicians like The Beatles and David Bowie inspired countless other great artists, as well as a lot more truly terrible ones. The internet age hasn’t changed the fact that UK artists hold some serious clout on an international stage; case in point being Blackpool native Millie B.

Back in the simpler times of 2016, Millie uploaded a diss track music video to YouTube. The Sophie Aspin Send, as it was then known, was a blinding takedown of her rival that won fans for its northern English reimagining of a Biggie/Tupac style rivalry. Fast forward to the summer of 2020, and  the classic tune was rediscovered thanks to a lip sync remix by TikToker Bella Poarch.

It wasn’t long before the sound was inescapable, even prompting an official release of the track and renaming of the song after its iconic ‘M to the B’ intro. Overall, it was a classic case of TikTok rehabilitating a small piece of music history — until Kim Kardashian decided it was time to bring it back again last week.

Imitating the popular trend of doing heavy, stereotypically British makeup while lip syncing the song, the video made enough of an impact that the queen herself decided it was time for a comeback. Yesterday, Millie B dropped a music video for her new song, Meant to Bee. While nothing will ever top bars like “I bet your fanny’s f***ing minging”, it’s nice to see the artistry is still alive and well.