Welcome to your course “Business Finance Secrets – Course for Every Entrepreneur”Our present education system teaches how to achieve mastery in a specific domain and pursue it to make a living. But what it does not teach is how to manage its finance in a way, you can grow during good market conditions and to sustain during recessionary market conditions. Do you know? There are certain secrets in financial matters & decisions. If those secrets are discovered, understood & implemented in any business they can ensure two things 1) Growth during good market conditions 2) Survival during recessionary market conditions These secrets works irrespective of any business model. These secrets works whether you sell products/render services. These secrets works whether you sell tangible products / digital products. These are all the secrets, I have learned over a period of 10+ years by closely observing several business units & they are time tested. Any Successful Entrepreneur will vouch for this. So get ready for an amazing journey to discover the hidden secrets in Business Finance.