Financial literacy is more important now than ever. AROVs classes on investments, entrepreneurship, business, and communication seek to try and offer students real-world, practical skills. Our course seeks to teach fundamentals in proper money management. We believe this subject, more so than any other, has the potential to direct a persons future financial stability. Learning the basics of finance, investment, banking, and entrepreneurship can arm people with valuable skills and concepts that many of us are never exposed to in school. Our courses have been designed to systematically develop students ability to make wise, proactive financial decisions, and to empower them with the ability to achieve a sense of autonomy and comfort in life. Few people understand how the stock market works, so comprehending mutual funds can be even more challenging. This class defines and discusses the following: advantages and disadvantages ofinvesting in mutual funds; various different types of mutual funds; different investment and management styles and philosophies; different company sizes (as defined by market cap); briefly introduces ETFs; briefly explains margin and leverage by comparing them to gambling with someone else’s money. Bonus content includes a brief introduction to other investment methods currently available. Diversification is key*Live classes available for schools and private groups. Contact us at