If you or someone you love has had a cancer diagnosis and you’re struggling with fear or stress or anxiety or guilt or any other emotions – this program is designed especiallyto help you. Wendi Saggese was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2010 – and despite many previousyears of studying and using every personal development and self-help technique going – nothing she’d learnedhelped her to deal with the overwhelming emotions she felt during the first 2 years after thediagnosis. And then – everything changed! Wendi came across a very different understanding of howour emotions and our experience of life really work – and – in no time at all – found herselffeeling happy and confident, powerful and alive – and living life to the full. In fact she felt happier than she’d ever felt in her life- despite the ongoingdiagnosis! Having suffered so much for the first two years – and having experienced how happy she’d become – so quickly and so easily – Wendi was determined to help others get the same results. Wendi trained did a great deal of training to become a coach in this understanding – helping many individuals to experience wonderful changes in their lives. But she wanted to help even more people – so she got together with Dr Anne Curtis who had experienced similar changes in her own life after coming across this understanding – and who had a background – as a medical doctor and a psychotherapist – of helping many individuals and families through a diagnosis of cancer. Both Wendi and Annehave learned through their ownexperience – and throughtheir experience with the many people they’ve helped already – that there is a way to eliminate suffering and stress and to enjoy life far more – tomake clearer decisions more easily -and deal with the reactions of family, friends and doctors more comfortably and more effectively too. This program shares with you how you can experience these same results in your life. The program is very simple to follow – no studying to do -or techniques to learn – simply watch or listen and let the learning – and the changes -come automatically.