Carnivorous Man Shares Recipe for ‘Sink Steak’, Horrifies the Internet

Unorthodox diet followers have always made good #content, because what they (supposedly) put in their bodies is a spectacle to all of us who think that eating crazily is like that time we added an extra side to our hungover takeout order. There are a genuine minority of people out there who eat to extremes, and half the pleasure of this seems to be sharing it on the internet for everyone to feel bad about.

Case in point is @_butter_dawg_, an athlete and animal-based eater who turned many stomachs recently by showing himself preparing and eating a steak ‘cooked’ in a sink. Accompanied with a large stick of butter on top, many viewers could not quite believe their eyes when it came to the artery-clogging meal. It’s fair to say that this dude seemed to be on his own when it came to defending the meal. Raw veganism might be bad in other ways, but at least it’s less likely to give you food poisoning.