‘Carrot Boy’ returns to his high school reunion and has a cringey carrot meltdown, fulfills his own prophecy

Well, if he wasn’t going to be remembered as Carrot Boy before, he certainly is now; there’s no walking it back from this one, folks. 

As commenters have suggested, if he had merely approached the conversation as if it was an old inside joke rather than something that he was harboring deep resentment over, he could have won his old classmates over and finally been rid of his demons in one swift stroke. Instead, the monkey’s paw has curled—and the prophecy comes to pass. He is now, and forever will be: Carrot Boy. 

Hark, my gentle people—the Carrot Boy cometh!

This tale of old demons coming back to haunt you in the worst way was shared on Reddit’s r/TIFU subreddit by the aptly named Redditor u/carrot_man_tifu, who shared their story on the popular sub in what is quickly becoming a viral sensation. 

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