Cheap Boss Takes All Employees Bonuses Away Because of $5 Missing From Cash Register

Some bosses are just plain cheap! They will dangle a carrot in front of their employees, and time after time, they will rip it away for virtually no reason. They might think that enticing their employees with a benefit they’re never going to receive is an effective strategy for motivating hard work, but that’s the opposite of the truth. People get tired of being promised more and getting shortchanged again and again. 

Usually, when employees don’t get a bonus on their salary, it’s because of something they fail to accomplish. For instance, they don’t reach their goals for that quarter, and therefore, they don’t get the bonus. That is an understandable way of conducting business and a good way to motivate employees. However, if employees are told they’ll be given a bonus and this bonus gets taken away from them for a bogus reason, that’s a pretty bad way to boost morale. This is exactly what happened to a Redditor and worker who has only been at their new job for two weeks.