Circle time is a time for important social interactions among young children. It helps develop positive relationships between kids through engaging and fun activities. It is also used to address certain issues identified in the class such as too much noise and talking during class lessons. Preschool circle time activities keep kids occupied. It helps them transition from one part of the day to the next. Most Circle time have common activities in which children Sing songs or use rhymes that have hand motions or movementsClap their hands or jump in/out while singing rhymesplay instrumentsDo Calendar & Weather activitylisten storiesDo Literacy & Numeracy activitiesplay interesting gamesBenefits of circle time as a whole are: Improved speaking and listening skillsIncreased self esteemA sense of communityImproved problem-solving skillsA sense of responsibilityAn understanding of how their behaviour affects othersImproved emotional intelligenceIn this course I have tried to demonstrate morning circle time and closing circle songs, rhymes, fun filled games and creative activities which can be done in preschool, Kindergarten and primary classrooms. Educators will gain knowledge about various engaging and relevant classroom activities and innovative ways to teach concepts like shapes, colours, introduction of a letter, number and a theme. It is important that you follow the same schedule each day for circle time. That way children know what to expect as well as what is expected out of them. This doesn’t mean that you cannot vary activities, it just means that you are creating a routine for the preschoolers to follow. You should choose activities that will work for your class. Some children love singing songs while others would rather listen to a story.