Classic Memes For Fans of the Greatest Hits

I miss the era of artists releasing ‘Greatest Hits’ CDs. These were essential tools for casual fans of big artists. We didn’t have to scrounge around to find the best songs of every random artist; they did the work for us. There are a lot of artists that I like, but I don’t listen to all of their albums. Take Ariana Grande, for instance! Now there’s a singer who I’d like a greatest hits CD from!

The 2023 equivalent of a greatest hits CD comes in the form of a Spotify playlist. Every artist with some popularity has a playlist made for them called “This Is [Name of Artist].” It’s meant to be a compilation of their greatest hits, but when an artist doesn’t have that many hits, these playlists fall flat. With memes, the same rules apply. Just because there are 100 memes about Sarah Jessica Parker does not mean that there are enough to compile a list of ‘the greatest Sarah Jessica Parker memes.’ The following memes might not be the greatest hits, but nobody can deny they’re classics.