Classical Studies Memes For Former Percy Jackson Kids

Everyone obsessed with classical studies has that obsession because of some gateway drug they latched onto when they were young. You might’ve had a big book of ancient history when you were young, or maybe your family told you the story of Orion’s belt and the Big and Little Dippers. If you are a member of Generation Z who loves greek mythology, there is a 95% chance that that is because of a little book series called Percy Jackson

For those who are part of the uninitiated, the Percy Jackson series is about a bunch of kids who are related to Greek gods and goddesses. They all go to a summer camp called Camp Half-Blood and have adventures together. As far as I can tell, Percy Jackson is Harry Potter for sporty kids. Sure, the titular character in Harry Potter is a jock, but jocks aren’t the target audience for the wizard books. Percy Jackson is for kids who want to run around outside, do obstacle courses, and be related to gods. Unsurprisingly, that demographic is huge. Ask any undergraduate in a classical studies department at any university, and you’ll find I am as right as rain.