Cole Sprouse Does Interview While Smoking Inside, Makes It Look Like the Dorkiest Thing Ever

We aren’t here to encourage bad habits. There’s no denying that smoking is a terrible thing to do to your body, and that more people should quit. However, it has to be said that it can look incredibly damn cool. Many have been seduced into the idea by old Hollywood movies, or impossibly chic French people lighting up on balconies in the arrondissements of Paris. Until recently, it seemed like nothing could take away from the dangerous allure of cigarettes. That is, until Cole Sprouse bravely stepped up to the plate.

Over the past couple of days, the so-called ‘hot twin’ has been skeeving out everybody on Twitter thanks to an excerpt from his Call Her Daddy interview. In it, he recounts the experience of his relationship with Lili Reinhart— but people were more focused on him dramatically taking drags of a cigarette while he did it.

Most unanimously agreed that he had undone any social conditioning that tells us smoking is stylish and interesting. He definitely stank out that room, too.