Comment Section Has People Revealing the Most Ridiculous Things They Google at 3am When They Can’t Sleep

Most of use have been there before. That moment when you go to bed, you’re trying to get a healthy amount of Zzz’s in, maybe wake up early enough to get a good breakfast in before work, or maybe even a work out! But then it happens… Your head hits the pillow and the thoughts start flowing in like an angry river. You start uncontrollably start wondering about things you don’t usually thinking about during the day time. You try to ignore the curiosity, but it’s 2023, we have all the facts right at our finger tips. So eventually you give in, you pick up the phone, and start Googling. It usually starts innocently, but then quickly snowballs into a never ending rabbit hole of information. “Is it a full moon tonight?” “How many full moons are there in a year? “How many blood moons are there in a year?” “When is the next lunar eclipse?” “What did ancient societies think eclipses were?” “Can you see an eclipse in space?” “What does the moon look like now?” “When was the first lunar landing?” “Was the lunar landing a hoax?” BOOM!! You’ve now been Googling random sh*t and it’s now past 3am and you’re not even tired. 

But hey! At least you’ve gained some new knowledge, right? One comment section has blown up with people revealing what they Google after dark, check it out.