Company’s New Owners Cut Benefits, So Employee Exploits Loophole to Screw Over Bosses

Why do bosses always think it’s fine to chisel away at employee benefits? Do they think workers are just unfeeling robots that’ll let these things slide? Not to mention, there are plenty of studies suggesting that happier workers are much more productive. Why would you want to hurt your own company by making your employees feel undervalued and disrespected? It’s a mystery.

One redditor recently shared a story about Jimmy, a tenured employee at their company who maliciously complied after the company’s new owners made some big changes to the PTO structure. Long story short, the new bosses cut everyone’s vacation allowance and changed one very important rule: you no longer had to request PTO; you could just take the days off. Jimmy, who had been working at the company for decades and knew he was likely about to get fired, decided to use all 10 weeks of his vacation time at once. Jimmy knew the company couldn’t fire him while he was away because they needed him to train his replacement. What Jimmy did instead made him a legend at the company. Keep scrolling to read the entire satisfying story.