Control Freak Forces Her Sisters To Wake Up At 8 A.M. Daily For Their Disney World Vacation

Vacations are not a piece of cake. Everybody has a different idea of how to be on vacation, and if you force your standards onto others, it can easily breed resentment. There’s a clear middle ground between waking up at 6 AM daily to do everything you could possibly do and sleeping until 3 PM every day, wasting your vacation away in an expensive hotel room. 

Disney vacations are uniquely stressful. There are some rides that you need to get in line for at 7 AM if you want a chance in hell of not waiting in a 3-hour line. However, not everybody is about that Disney vacation grind. Some people want to show up at 11 AM, ride some rides, and not try to squeeze in every morsel of the vacation that they can. When someone is paying an exorbitant amount for Disney tickets, it’s normal for them to want to get as much as they can out of their experience, but sometimes, they take it too far. This is the story of somebody who took it too far.