Do you have an idea about Middle eastern Cuisine? flavors, ingredients? do you have the chance to taste one of the most popular recipes in Morocco – Egypt-Iran-Lebanon-and many more? have you think how you can prepare it? But what are the recipes? Ah, its the Middle eastern traditional Do you want to learn how to cook the delicious Middle eastern recipes by the traditional and healthy way? Now its your right place. In this course youll discover many many recipes and you will also discover: How to cook themthe way how to combine ingredients Which countries are they famous in as you will find audio and captions in each video to make it simple as possible. In each section, you will take step by step cooking the recipes. Have fun with healthy food. Who this course is for: this course is designed for Mam’s looking for a healthy food to their family. it’s not suitable for you if you want fast foodthis course is destined for chief who want discover new culture and a different way of cooking. this course is directed for people who love the savor of Middle eastern food and don’t know how to prepare itthis course is designed for anyone love the traditional Middle eastern cuisine.