The Coping with Change program is based upon years of experience and effective methods to create a plan for coping with change and achieving greater work life balance. There is no doubt about it. Change is constant and the pace at which the world around us is changing is increasing. The ability to cope with change and become resilient can be practiced and learned. Learning from the past and maintaining flexibility and work life balance in life are important. How do you learn resilience in the face of change, one of the key characteristics of a successful leader? What are some of the strategies? Well it isn’t a one size fits all answer. Different approaches work for different people depending on the style of the individual. This Coping with Change course provides practical guidance and worksheets for understanding your own reactions to change, assessing your readiness for the change ahead of you, and moving forward with a plan for building your own personal resilience and achieving greater work life balance. It’s critical in times of change to ensure that you are able to stay engaged and inspired about the future.