Costco Memes For Broads Buying In Bulk

Everything that everyone says about Costco is completely 100% true. It is one of the most absurd stores in the world, but I’m so glad it exists. Where else can you get gas for your car, prescription glasses, sheet cake, a massive greasy cheap slice of pizza, a fountain drink for less than a dollar, state-of-the-art technology, mediocre clothes, tires for your car, and vast quantities of groceries in one simple stop! It is literally the most convenient thing ever invented, which of course, leads to some problems. The worst part about every Costco location is the parking lot. It is nuts even on slow days, and when it’s crazy, it’s REALLY crazy. The convenience of the store also encourages you to spend way too much on groceries and buy stuff that you really don’t need. If you’ve ever been the victim of a 10-pound tub of pretzels, these Costco memes might make you smile.