Crazy Parenting Posts From the Dregs of Mommy Facebook Groups

As someone who does not have children (and will likely never have them) it’s easy for me to laugh about certain aspects of parenting culture. Gender reveals are not only stupid but have proven to be deadly. Weekly and monthly photoshoots of babies seem, well, unnecessary to me. And then there’s the whole referring to your kids age by month even when you can actually just say “he’s four.” These habits have been ridiculed nearly to death, and frankly, the mockery is nearly boring. But every now and then I see a post from some “Mommy” Facebook group that nearly makes my eyeballs roll all the way out of their sockets. There are the parents who have no business homeschooling their children, the irresponsible anti-doctor parents, and then, of course, the parents who think that parenting is just too much for them. We’re talking about the kind of parents who would rather give their infant melatonin than do the all-hours parenting they should have been prepared to do. Frankly, some of these cringe posts border on abusive. But we think they’re an important reminder of how not to handle the whole parenting thing. Woof.