Crazy Puritan Claims Parents Shouldn’t Have Intercourse In The Same House As Their Kids Because It’s Traumatizing

Do you ever think that the internet was a mistake? Does it ever cross your mind that perhaps teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to be on Twitter? Does the new pervasiveness of anti-sex puritanism amongst young people concern you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, have I got the Twitter main character for you! 

Sometimes, a perfectly normal take will beget depraved takes. This story started with a TikTok about parenting vloggers comforting their daughter. The little girl was hysterically crying. She thought her mom was hurt because she screamed while having sex in the other room. The parents framed the situation as humorous, which spawned some criticism. Twitter user @sisterlelianas had this to say: 

“am i the only one who doesn’t find this funny in the slightest…? if you have a child in the house why would you SCREAM during intercourse with your partner? children don’t know what you’re doing, and even if they did it’s incredibly disrespectful and traumatising for them? “

“you can’t take the whole child out of the house and your sex drive still remains after your kid is born, so sometimes they WILL hear something, but to scream? and the fact that everyone in the comments was laughing along with them too when the little girl is clearly distraught…”

“Just want to say this: if you, as a parent, can’t prioritise your child’s well-being and comfort enough to NOT scream during sex + find it appropriate to record your kids reaction of them thinking you were hurt and they couldn’t reach or help you… unpack that. Lol”

From this take, one Twitter teen (when asked their age, they said, “does it f*cking matter?”) took things a step further. They claimed parents should never have sex in the same house as their kids and should instead hire a babysitter and make love at a hotel. Yep, I’m starting to think the internet was not a good idea.