Crazy Vegans Mourn Meat At Grocery Store, Leaving Roses For Packaged Beef

Vegan protesters are known for having a flair for the dramatic. Throwing red paint on your enemies might not convince people to get on your side, but it will certainly catch your attention. Many vegan activists have been criticized for their one-dimensional and erratic views on other people’s diets. How vegans protest seems specially designed to make others angry. They see no gray area for why someone might not be able to have a plant-based diet. Many vegans are foolish enough to think that veganism is a bigger issue than human rights issues plaguing human beings. They also think veganism can solve any health problem one might have, which is simply not the case. Many groups get accused of performative activism, but nobody can deny that vegans take the cake for that. 

It doesn’t get more performative activism than vegans publically mourning meat at the grocery store. In a now-viral video, vegans lay flowers onto meat packages, alluding to a funeral. Many were both annoyed and amused by this public display of veganism.