Join me for two different creative, fun approaches to drawing cocktails-or anything you want to draw! In this class, were going to try two DIY printmaking techniques popularized by famous artists: Andy Warhol and Paul Klee. Well use Andy Warhols ink transfer technique to make simple ink prints of cocktails, and then well add watercolor. Well also use Paul Klees oil paint resist technique, along with modern wax crayons, to make a different kind of handmade, truly unique cocktail print, and well add watercolor to those, too. These techniques are really entertaining and inventive ways to approach any subject you want to paintnot just cocktails but florals, animals, and anything that inspires you. With these methods, you can make paintings in series, create greeting cards or party invitations, make placeholders or gift tags, or create beautiful wall art that is truly unique. Because well be tracing in this class, no drawing experience is necessary, and were going to be splashing watercolor around in a loose, expressive way. There is truly no experience required. This class is for everyone!