Welcome! Thank you for enrolling in my course! After this course you will be creating unique, dynamic, and effective teaching plans for your lessons. I firmly believe that the better you are, the better our future will be! Resources Included: My lectures are video based, and I have included some templates for daily and weekly templates that I find effective, you may modify as needed. Lesson plan templates were extremely helpful to me, so I modified the perfect planning guide for a Jr. High classroom teacher. There are fields for reporting the state standard, the objective, and what students and teachers will be doing to make the lesson plan effective. I even left a field for reflection, self-scoring, and journal and exit tickets to keep students engaged and active from start to finish.A Note on classroom management (optional reading preface): I appreciated the statement that a teachers actions have twice the impact on student achievement as many other elements we often consider to be important for learning to take place. The summarized research of Wang, Haertel, and Walberg (1993), found that it was necessary to balance positive motivation with consequences of rules not being followed.I also agreed with the data and consideration for the benefits of a positive teacher-student relationship. As a Catholic School teacher of the past 4 years, I have determined that to be central to my students success and my teaching ability. The rapport for me, has always been like a bank account, putting a lot of credit in for when a debit needs to be taken later in the form of correction or behavior modification. I would be among the teachers who have had 31% fewer discipline problems. In fact, mine have become rare and minor when they do occur. I also can trace many of my student issues to times where I have not been firm enough with my written procedures and discipline. SyllabusWelcomeBellwork / Journals: Set the goal and expectations (show journals section)Engage with Active instruction ( movement, fun, modern connections, videos)Model Then Practice (Make connections, selling the importance)Flexible assessments (How to use a variety of strategies)