Cringey “I May Not Be the Woman You Marry” TikTok Trend Prompts Mockery and Discussion

Why did they have to dump me? It’s a question that has run through the head of everyone unwillingly forced into being an ex, even if the reason is obvious. Heartbreak sucks, and it can take all kinds of things to process it.

For some, posting a few moody songs on Instagram stories will do. Others find themselves driving down their street, juuust in case another glimpse of them will suddenly make their beau realize what a terrible mistake this all was. However far a jilted lover goes, their methods are usually varying degrees of embarrassing, with a side order of creepy.

As with every other facet of human interaction, social media doesn’t always help with this. We have countless platforms at our fingertips with which to thrash out our ugliest thoughts about every bitter breakup, or failed situationship. At its worst, it turns into something like the “I may not be the woman you end up with/marry” trend, in which women on TikTok have been assuring themselves that their exes are going to be constantly reminded of them throughout their lives, especially when they sleep with their “vanilla” wives.

Twitter users were not impressed when they found out about these videos, with some going as far as to brand their creators as female incels. For sure, it’s pretty mean and unnecessary to take out your past relationship anger on their hypothetical future partner (or a real, current one). It’s also kind of nonsensical to make a claim that a man is going to be reminded of you every time he sees “long brown hair…[and] the letter M”. A minority were a little more sympathetic, but they maintained that the whole thing was an awkward display best kept between woman and therapist. 

Let this be a lesson to go down the classy route when it comes to breakup posting: simply share a load of dramatic Trisha Paytas screenshots. We don’t have to upload breakup cringe when internet celebrities have already done it for us.