Cringey Photoshop Fails From Brands and Social Media Users

You’d think that with all the apps available to us, and all the outsourcing, people and brands would be a lot better at editing their photos. Unfortunately, whether due to laziness, budget, or plain stupidity, the internet has made it glaringly obvious that this is simply not the case. The proof can be found in advertisements for clothing and strange, unnecessary products on Ali Baba. It’s also found (with great frequency) on social media, where sadly insecure people go to great and misguided lengths to snatch their hips, enlarge their posteriors, and inflate their chests. And it’s not just women we’re talking about. Men will really post airbrushed abs and cinched waists with the same unflinching confidence. While we do have sympathy for the body dysmorphia that society’s “standards” has imparted on people, sometimes the photoshop failures are too hilariously terrible for us to keep to ourselves. Today, we’re sharing these abominable failures with you. May they be considered cautionary examples.