Cringey Things That Aged Poorly

Most things in life are not evergreen. Everything ebbs and flows in and out of relevance; it’s a natural part of living in this world. I remember when the whole Kony 2012 thing happened; I was obsessed. I was sharing the video on my Facebook page. I was telling my friends all about this Joseph Kony Character. I didn’t get my hands on a t-shirt, but if I could’ve, I would’ve. Granted, I was in middle school then, so I was pretty susceptible to scams and lies. But it is lowkey embarrassing to admit that you really believed in the Kony 2012 messaging at any age. 

Now that it’s 2023, Kony 2012 lives fondly in our national memory as one terrible, horrible, no good, very badly aged-thing. But there are new Kony 2012s happening every day right under our noses! The following images are just as cringey and aged as poorly as Kony 2012.