Cringey Two-Sentence Horror Stories That Are More Funny Than Scary

One of the hallmark hobbies of tweens is earnest creative writing. For some, they do so on places like or Wattpad, where they can ship Drarry to their heart’s content! Others try to write the Great American Novel, typing away at a word document that will probably never even be self-published on Amazon. Horror stories are their bread and butter for the edgier tweens of the world. So many of the most famous horror stories from Creepypasta were probably written by somebody no older than 15. Do you all really think that an adult mind could have concocted Jeff The Killer?  

A popular online space for horror stories is r/TwoSentenceHorror, a subreddit where, you guessed it, Redditors share two-sentence horror stories of their own creation. While some of the posts on this subreddit are clever, most of them are cringe at best and gut-busting at worst. The following two-sentence horror stories are much more likely to make you laugh than to make you gasp.