Cruel Mother “Would Rather Die” Than Play With Her Children Because It’s “Boring Beyond Acceptability”

Playing with kids is not always the most fun activity for adults. Kids like to play out the same scenarios over and over and over again, and while it’s stimulating for them, it’s not always the most entertaining experience for the adults playing with them. Despite this, playing with your kids is incredibly important for their development. Playing with your kids or the kids in your life communicates to them that you care about them and their interests. Kids don’t want to play forever. In fact, they play for a short amount of time. Most parents want to cherish the time in their children’s lives when they want to play princess or put on a play for their families.  

Unfortunately, not all parents understand the value of playing with their children. One mother on Twitter is currently under fire for claiming she will literally never play with her children because it’s too boring.