Cursed & Clever Recaptioned WikiHow Images

WikiHow certainly has its merits. If you’re having some problems, it is almost guaranteed that some kind user has decided to try to help the world through those problems, by creating a step-by-step guide complete with some…interesting images. Trying to cope with crippling anxiety? They’ve got you covered. Dealing with depression? Yup. Need to ask a loved one for forgiveness? There’s certainly something for that. Even someone looking to get into the subculture of emo has an instruction manual to aid their efforts, from learning how to adopt “the look,” to behaving the part of a sullen scenester. Despite these useful how-tos, our favorite aspect of WikiHow lies in its bizarre, disjointed, and malleable illustrations. While they certainly serve their purpose, many of the images feel almost designed to become memes. And the clever minds of the r/disneyvacation subreddit offer a whole lot of proof of that with their amusing, cursed, and sometimes straight up offensive captions. We’ve put together some of our favorite of their genius gems for your easy perusal, but the subreddit itself boasts a whole lot more where they came from.