Take your natural spa-facial business to the next level. Whether you’re just getting started with your spa business or want to enhance your existing spa menu, we can help! In this course you will learn how to master our signature holistic-organic facial and how to set up your own mini facial bar for custom blending. My Aromatherapy & Raw Skincare Bar in Downtown Oakville, Ontario Canada is a retail destination hot spot for custom blending and spa facials, and now I’m sharing our methods, techniques and concept with you! There are TWOsections to this course: In SECTION 1: You will learn how to develop a custom client intake form, how to set up your spa room and pre-facial steps. You will also learn how to incorporate a mini raw facial bar into your business. A custom facial bar is an exciting and unique service offering whereby raw skincare ingredients such as clays, carrier oils, extracts and essential oils are hand picked and blended on the spot to suit the clients skin type and concerns. No expensive equipment needed. You will also learn quick, easy and original recipes from my DIY Raw Skincare Recipe book. In SECTION 2: You will learn how to master our holistic organic facial using strictly raw plant-based ingredients, ancient practices and techniques. This is an ultra-gentle facial with no extractions and no harsh chemicals. You will learn how to incorporate acupressure massage and our signature Hot Cloth Cleansing Method. We also teach proper Gua Sha and Jade rolling techniques (as taught by TCM Acupuncturist Lana Marconi) and how to incorporate aromatherapy hand/arm massage for relaxation. This facial will certainly appeal to today’s health-conscious consumer and those concerned about toxic chemicals in their skincare. It is especially beneficial for sensitive skin and irritated skin conditions (acne, rosacea, redness, eczema) and can be tweaked for teens and adults alike. Suitable for vegans. Marga Nieves is your Facialist Instructor. Acupressure techniques taught by Lana Marconi, R.Ac, Registered TCM Acupuncturist. Certificate of Completion available from Nuworld Botanicals.