Customer Gets Screwed Over By Dealership, Gets Justice When Management Finds Out

Car trouble is a hassle even when everyone involved actually wants to resolve the issue. But when a dealership does everything it can to make the process as difficult as possible, things can quickly spiral into nightmare territory. That’s where this person found themselves after being told that they didn’t have the guts or the funds to sue the dealership over their bad service.

That’s the weird thing about disputes in the neighborhood of a few hundred bucks. It’s a game of chicken between who wants to get the law involved. It’s a non-trivial amount of money that would be painful to lose, but it’s also not enough to ruin your life over. Luckily the internet is full of information about how to take things to small claims court.

They had a pretty good case put together, but it was the Deus Ex Machina of power suit lady who set things straight.

For a cartoonish tale of transactional glory, here’s the employee who pulled a reversal on a customer’s coin revenge by counting it all out.