Cute Working Cats Who Are On the Grind

It’s not every day you see a cat with a job, but if you asked my cat what her vocation is, she would probably tell you (in trill-y meows) that it’s her job to supervise me whenever I take a crap. Then there are the famous bodega cats of New York, fixtures in delis where you can get discount cigarettes and a sandwich for $15 or less. Recently, we became acquainted with the ‘Cats With Jobs’ Twitter account. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a lengthy archive of cats who are working hard for the money. At least they look like they are. 

The cats featured by the brilliant Twitter account seem to come from all walks of life, just as we humans do. There are cats selling street food, and cats who seem like they’ve just started a hot new podcast. Then, of course, there are the desk jockey kitties, who sadly seem to be typing their souls away – just like me. Whatever their jobs, we’re just here to root them on.