Brought to you by Goran Bogdanovski, award winning dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and creative director who has lived and breathed dance worldwide professionally since 1990. Dance Improvisation Teacher Training – Online CourseHow toteach dance withoutshowing the moves, steps and choreographies in a safe, inspiring and intelligent way?How to develop your teaching, facilitation or coaching practice through dance improvisation without loosing years of gaining the knowledge from different workshops around the world?The program is not limited only to dance professionals but everyone invested in personal growth and transformation. There is a little-known thing called Dance improvisation. Hardly anyone is talking about it. But when you learn basic improvisation tools and how to use them and apply in any kind of teaching or facilitating situation (dance practice, classes, workshops, retreats, team building, personal growth, dance therapy, etc), youll grow your influence as a teacher and youll inspire your students/participants/clients to keep them coming back for more. Dance improvisation is an area that is being used in many different settings. This is the short version ofmyDance Improvisation Teacher Training courses, and can be enjoyed by ANY-BODY regardless of experience and background. You don’t need to be a great artist or teacher, or indeed consider yourself to be particularly creative. All you need is an imagination and an open mind to get the most from this Dance Improvisation Teacher Trainingcourse. We also offer an exclusive support service to Udemy students. On enrolment, you’ll be given access to a fully supported learning experience which extends to personal support viaemail with the course creator, Goran Bogdanovski. As previously stated, this is a bespoke service available to Udemy students only. We provide support and flexibility you need to develop your art practice, refine your skills and grow your influence as a teacher. The online course allows you to work at your own pace, pause for a while, implement some of the magic and get back to the course for more. In this course you will get:23exercises & tools for dance improvisation, each accompanied with tutorials.a proven 8 step structure to organize and teach your dance improvisation class, workshop, session, retreat. you will learn to teach dance without showing the moves, steps and choreographies in a safe, inspiring and intelligent way. you can become a Dance Improvisation teacher without spending years of gaining the knowledge and tools from different workshops. Online Teachers Course: STEP #0: Preparation for leading a session, class, workshopDefining the goal, purpose of teachingSetting up an 8-step structureSetting up your musical playlistPreparation ritualSTEP #1: Beginning the sessionCreating a safe spaceOpening the sessionSetting up the rulesSTEP #2: Ways of establishing quick trust, connection, playfulness and flow in the groupModality: Calling the tribeSTEP #3: Energizers: Warming up the body and lifting up the energy and spiritWe have to become physically fast to calm down the mind! Modality: Playful Catching/Tagging gameSTEP #4: Breathing as a carrier of awarenessModality: How to breathe and how to use breath?STEP #5: Dynamic muscle warm-up & Dynamic stretch meditationModality: Dynamic muscle warm-upModality: Dynamic stretch & yoga meditationSTEP #6: SOLO, DUET, CONTACT and GROUP dance improvisation toolsSOLO improvisation dance toolsModality: 3Q (Three Qualities) / partial modalityOne quality: Spiral Architectural DUET improvisation dance toolsModality: Time and Expectations of the MindCONTACT Improvisation dance toolsAbout Contact ImprovisationModality: Shared balance dancing / partial modality- Three centers- Rolling- Switching between centers and using arms for transitions- Pushing and moving through space / Tree & Leaf- Going Down & Up- Im on the floor, connection with my partner is gone. What to do? Using animal power and power of the floor / Tree & Leaf push on the floorGROUP improvisation dance toolsModality: Three eventsSTEP #7: Cooling DownStretch, massage, meditationSTEP #8: Sharing & Closing the sessionWhat is sharing and why it is important?How to close the session?# BONUS TOPIC: Defining your goals and intentions within your teaching.