This course is directed at Entrepreneurs – those who own or will have Medium, Small or Home Businesses! The aim of the course is to show you the Importance of Managing your Business Information the Right Way! The Right Way is basically to show you How You Can and Should turn it into Profitable Information – how to make it evolve from Simple Data to Customer and Business Intelligence which you can use to Gain New Business Opportunities! Throughout the course you’ll get to understand the Basics of Managing Business Information – starting at the bottom with spreadsheets and going up all the way up to more evolved Information Systems like CRM and ERP’s!You’ll also get to know how to acquire them easily! In the end you’ll not only understand how Information Management is important, but you’ll also know how to Use It and Reap It’s Benefits, namely in terms of Business Management, Customer Engagement and Extra Sales! Hope You Enjoy The Course – See You Inside