Detective Memes & Tweets That Poke Fun at a Whole Damn Genre

Detectives have been mainstays in media for what seems like forever. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may come to mind when we think about the creator of modern detective novels and tales, but it was actually Edgar Allen Poe who spearheaded the genre when he wrote “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.”  The book introduced the character C. Auguste Dupin, who (using his powers of observation and analysis) assists the police in solving a murder. The solving of a mystery in this way definitely influenced Conan Doyle’s tales of Sherlock Holmes. While we admire these trailblazers, we’re partial to more noir-style hardboiled detective novels, series, and films. But any way you slice it, a good mystery and a smart person solving it make for some fabulous entertainment. And apparently, the theme makes for some excellent memes and tweets as well.