Dieting is one of those stressful and controversial topics. Many people jump from diet to diet without finding one that works. Many find a diet and lose a bunch of weight in the short-term, but gain it back in the long term. Why?Diets in todays world are focused on the quick fix. That’s understandable. It’s human nature to want things to come easily. A headline like “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” can be very attractive. The problem is that a headline like this does not take into account the dieters long-term health. If you knew that when you started dieting, you would succeed for a few months to a year but eventually return to the weight you started at. would you continue it? It’s easy to get anxious throughout the year when events like going to the beach are around the corner. Many of us go on very low calorie diets for short periods of time to lose a bunch of weight. While this method may work in the short-term, we could actually be doing harm to our body in the long run. How?Rapid short-term weight loss can actually make us gain weight in the long run! The great thing though is that there is hope. There is a method that allows us to safely lose weight and keep it off. For good. We can accomplish this without having to neglect our favorite foods. Yes I’m serious. Years ago we were told that fat is the enemy. More recently we have been told that carbohydrates are the enemy. The thing is. They are only the enemy if you make them the enemy. We need fat and carbohydrates as a part of a healthy diet. We need protein too. These three things make up what are called the macronutrients and they are essential for a lasting diet plan. We just need to find the right structure for our diets. Here are some things this course is going to open your mind to: how to set an appropriate caloric ceiling for yourself each dayhow to create a lifelong diet plan whether your goal is weight loss or weight maintenanceshow you the one secret to achieving sustainable and healthy weight lossWhy it is so important to be well versed in the 3 macronutrients (carbs, protein, and fats)how rapid short-term weight loss can actually make us gain weight in the long-runhow exactly our plate should look when we sit down to eatwhy it’s so important to emphasize color when setting up our plates for optimal nutritionlearn the science behind the proper technique to shopping a grocery store for peak nutrition (I know, I can’t believe there’s actually a science to it either!)what the heck the Glycemic Index is and why we should carehow we can take advantage of our natural ability to be lazy to benefit our diets! how the magic of grazing can keep our metabolic rates at their highest level and prevent blood sugar swingshow habit loops affect everything we do in life and can make or break our dietsLastly. I made it a point to speak slowly during this course. It may be beneficial for many students to listenat 1.5x speed: )