Disgusting Parents Brag About Not Bathing Their Kids

If you’ve ever been around children, you know that every kid is somehow exceptionally filthy. They run around all day, eat with their hands, roll in the dirt, and stick their fingers in their mouth. Basically everything about children leads you to believe that they are the grossest demographic around. Young kids are at that tender age where they need the adults in their lives to instruct them on how to not be the most disgusting filthy pigs in the world.

Unfortunately, some parents are too incompetent to tell little Billy and Suzie that they need to wash their human bodies every day to be functioning members of society. Instead, they opt for “only bathing their kids when they’re visibly dirty” and “using mothers intuition to know when to bathe their kids.” These negligent parents might not take time out of their day to not neglect their kids hygiene, but they certainly have time to record a podcast about it and post it all over TikTok.