With around 4 and a half hours of video and multiple resources to supplement the course, this is the ultimate all in one course which teaches: Basics of Energy Bodies, Chakras and Energy HealingBasics of Colored Energies and their applicationsEssential Oils and their Energetic PropertiesOther Ingredients and their Energetic PropertiesCharging of Essential Oils and other ingredients to increase their efficacy many foldsMaking skin care products from scratch and adding the right energies for healing to heal not just physical body but also energy bodyIf you are an energy healer, interested in energy healing as a way of life rather than just couple of sessions a weekIf you are someone, who is taking regular healing sessions and want to make these healings continous and more effectiveIf you are a skincare product enthusiast and like making your own products but you are confused about which essential oil to use for which product. Of course there are so many with beautiful propertiesIf you are just keen to experiment with energies but don’t know where to startYou have come to the right place. This course has answers to all the above questions with a potential to carve a niche and earn money. When energy healing becomes part of your daily life, it no more remains a task to be done separately. In our busy lives, it is difficult as it is to find time for healing or meditations, so why not use some shortcuts and adopt practices that we can actually follow. Examples of such practices are: Using Soaps or Scrubs that not only cleanses physical body, but also our energy bodyUsing Aura spray, to clean our energy body and remove all dirty and stressful energiesUsing Creams and Serums, which moisturize our face, remove stress and calm our mindUsing Face mist, which not only balances the PH of our face but also normalizes facial chakrasand the list goes on. Below is the list of skin care products, that we will be making in this course. Actual product pictures are included in the introduction section. Aura and Chakra Cleansing SpraySalt Water BathSoap – Melt and PourSoap – Cold Process Basic Cream BaseBasic Gel BaseFace Wash Body Salt ScrubCleansing Oil BlendFace ScrubBody Gel Scrub – CoffeeFacial CreamsBody LotionFace PackFace SerumFace Mist / TonerGel CreamHair Gel CreamUnder Eye GelPlease note: Not all skin care products made here are completely natural but I have kept the use of other ingredients to bare minimum and mostly used food grade or skin friendly products. Ihave also provided, the natural alternative wherever possible.