In this beginners charcuterie course, we will show you how to construct and complete your very own charcuterie board. We will guide you from step by step from beginning to end and cover all the necessary steps to have you making charcuterie boards like a pro! Perfect for serving delicious food on a beautiful custom-made platter, and yes both sides are food safe! We are obsessed with woodworking and DIY projects. But with every project we did, we had to use epoxy that was ruining our work. We were tired of our projects being ruined by cheap, yellowing, low quality, epoxy produced in China. So we figured there had to be a better way. Upstart Epoxy was founded March of 2020 with one mission: to create an epoxy you can trust. Upstart Epoxy supports local USA communities and delivers amazing results that will withstand the test of time, and deliver high-quality results with each and every pour. Not only is our product to the highest-standard, we offer a 100% Quality Guarantee and stand by our product results. We’re not just another Epoxy company, we are creating the world’s largest community of epoxy enthusiasts. Stay tune to more epoxy resin courses in the future!