Art dolls; so many artists online create these beautiful sculptures from clay, wire, and fabric, but how do they do it and how can you learn to make your own? The guides available online can be sparse at best, often glossing over many of the intricacies involved in the process, making it difficult if not impossible for some to know where to start. When I was first learning to make art dolls, it as a long process of trial and error which cost me a lot of money on supplies I didnt need or didnt know how to use. That, coupled with the frustration of making simple mistakes never addressed in the tutorials, made making my own art dolls a daunting task. There were, and still really arent, many comprehensive guides on how to make these dolls from start to finish; until now. This lecture series carefully aids you through every step of the way and addresses many of the common hurdles and trade secrets you need to know to make professional quality art dolls. From sculpting to sewing, I demonstrate through step by step videos as well as through supplemental written guides how to design and build your own one of a kind art doll. I have scowered the internet to find and answer the most commonly asked questions people have about art dolls, hoping to answer as many as I can to save others from the headaches of trial and error. How much does it cost to make an art doll? What materials and tools do I need to get started? How do I make patterns for the legs and body? All of these and more are answered in detail throughout the guide. Along with this, the lecture includes supplemental texts such as a character coloring guide, a beginners sewing guide, and much more. There are free line arts to use as you please to help you get started designing your character right away. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!