The virtual sewing courses for beginners developed by Gaia & Dubos are designed to teach you the basics of clothing and accessories repair in order to extend the lifecycle of your products. By learning to mend your clothes, you will develop independence, reduce your ecological and social footprint, and save on seamstress expenses! The techniques taught in this course: How to (properly) sew a two or four-hole buttonHow to (properly) sew a shank buttonHow to sew a hook and eye claspHow to cover a hole with a thermobonding patchHow to fix a tearHow to fix a holeHow to fix a cut seamHow to stitch a blind hemOur students acclaim our course”I thought I knew how to sew a button. When I watched the first video, I understood. what I didnt know! What a good technique! My buttons will never fall again only a few weeks after being sewn back on. – Jose Leclerc, Montreal”The online sewing courses of Gaia & Dubos are excellent! The explanations are clear and easy to understand. I recommend them without hesitation! – Nancy Potvin, Quebec City