The virtual sewing courses for beginners by Gaia & Dubos are designed to teach you the basics of clothing and accessories repair so you may extend their lifecycle. By learning to mend your clothes, you will develop independence, save on seamstress expenses, and reduce your ecological and social footprint! The techniques taught in this course: How to sew a tote strap back onHow to imitate an overlock stitch to avoid fraysUnderstanding fabric grain linesHow to sew a patch pocket back onHow to adjust a pants waistband with an invisible elastic bandHow to shorten and sew a hemHow to adjust a blouse or dressOur students acclaim our course”It’s the first time I try to sew, and it’s a success! The explanations are clear and precise.” – Antony Massez”The courses are fantastic! They are very clear and concise.” – Sarah Paradis, Quebec City”The sewing courses are really well done for beginners like me! The explanations are not progressing too quickly, which allows us to understand all the steps required to mend our clothes.” – Anne-Marie Saulnier, Quebec City