Do you want to learn how tomake your own designed handmade leather goods? Bracelets, belts, wallets, shoes, bags, etc. If your answer is yes, thenthis is the course for you! My dad is a leatherwork and craftwork professional with 25 years of experiencewho has made literally thousands of handmadeleather goods, including bags, wallets, belts, sandals and even winter shoes) He sells them in his own shop and online. Herecently started to teach other people how to make their own leather goods. If you are passionate about leather and you want to know how leather shoes are made, then welcome to this course. The course will take you along all necessary steps of the process, including making design and paper templates, choosing the proper leather type andnecessary tools, cutting, trimming, gluing, and varnishing the leather, stitching several layers of leather and inserting buckles. No single detail of the whole process will be omitted. The course features the downloadable pdf-files with thelist of necessarytools with weblinks where they can be purchased. Also, we have uploaded the special video lesson about selling leather goods online. My dad gets orders for making leather bags, shoes and wallets from his 4 online sources. This is the third course in a series of courses dedicated to leatherwork and how to make various types ofleather goods. As always, we tried to make ourlectures full of handy tips but keeping themshort andconcise, andeasy to follow so that you will enjoy this journey to becoming a leather professional. You are encouraged to ask the questions that you may have while watching the course! Don’t forget that according to Udemy policies, you are entitled to a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee in case you won’t find this course valuable enough. So what wait for?)Enrol for the course and become a LeatherCraft Master!