Dog Abandoned at Airport for Months Finds New Home With United Pilot

​Polaris and United Staff – NBC Bay Area

Polaris the black shepherd dog had 30 people lining up to sign adoption papers and give him a new home after he was left at San Francisco International Airport.

The airline industry has had one of the most disrupted years on record, and customer service departments have been pushed to the absolute limits. But when a dog arrived along with an Asian traveler and was left behind at SFO, United Airlines knew they had seen it all.

“Sometimes we deal with the craziest of situations,” United Director of Customer Service Vincent Passafiume said. “This was probably one of the oddest we’ve ever dealt with and also one of the most challenging.”

Abandoned in the international terminal, Passafiume teamed up with the San Francisco SPCA to complete all the procedures necessary to bring Polaris into the country.

“To be able to get the outcome that we did as a team and see that Polaris will go home to a family that will give him a good life is really a special moment for me.”

30 United Airlines employees applied for adoption, but there could ultimately be only one home for the handsome hound: United Captain William Dale and his family.

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The company held an adoption party for Polaris, named for both the North Star, and the company’s business lounge, at the airport.

There will almost certainly be more crazy problems for Passafiume and his staff, but hopefully no more abandoned animals.

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