Dramatic Rescue Shows Community Teaming up to Save 4 Horses That Fell Through Ice into Freezing Pond

​Amber Countryman / Youtube

A team of neighbors, firefighters, and animal control officers worked for hours in the freezing weather to rescue four horses that fell through an icy pond.

The South Kalispell Fire Department responded to the scene near Patrick Creek in Montana, after the four horses fell through the ice, and were stuck up to their necks.

A video shared by Amber Countryman shows the numerous attempts to pull out the horses, each one failing until the rescuers eventually harnessed some extra ‘horse power’ when they brought in a tractor.

A dozen people, including firefighters, staff from Flathead County Animal Control, as well as neighbors, all worked together to free the horses.

They first tried to make makeshift pontoons from pallets and other pieces of wood in an attempt to make a ramp.

They then tried to pull one horse out of the water by using a long rope, taking care to avoid breaking any its legs, but they still couldn’t free the animal completely.

Split screen of two different moments from rescue video shot by Amber Countryman / Youtube

Eventually, all four horses were removed safely by using a harness attached to a tractor.

They were all taken to a veterinary clinic where they received care.

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Watch the video below showing the community working together…

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