Dude Freaks People Out by Claiming to Invent AI Bot to Talk to Women on Dating Apps

As if there weren’t enough problems with dating apps, people are often fake in the way they present themselves on them. Catfishes and fake profiles are a common occurrence, one that experienced Tinder users become adept at dodging. Things are about to get a hell of a lot more difficult, though, because there have been some technological advancements in that area. Artificial intelligence has apparently entered the dating game. 

Twitter users have recently reacted to a post on the r/artificial subreddit, in which a man claims that he has been testing out an AI bot to increase his chances of getting dates. Explaining that the AI curates matches for him and even holds conversations, alleging that it scheduled 13 dates for him in the space of a month. Not everyone was impressed with this apparent success, and had plenty to say about those who thought this was a good thing. There’s no denying that apps can make meeting people into a chore, but it’s not fair to deceive anybody.